Cisco Rolls Out New App to Improve Apple iOS Security (eWeek)


Cisco has rolled out its Cisco Security Connector app, which provides extended security capabilities for Apple iOS device users.

Cisco Security Connector benefits from integration with other Cisco technologies, including Umbrella and Clarity, to provide enhanced visibility and control over iOS devices, to help mitigate security risks. The app also benefits from Cisco’s partnership with Apple that began in 2016.

“Cisco engineers worked hand in glove with Apple to define the requirements and broad market needs that Cisco Security Connector was to address,” Alfred Huger, vice president of engineering at Cisco Security, told eWEEK.

The Cisco-Apple partnership has yielded a number of innovations, with multiple features integrated into iOS 10 in September 2016 to help improve connectivity and app prioritization. In June 2017, Apple and Cisco extended their partnership into security, when the initial announcement about the intent to build and release the Security Connector app was made.