AWS CTO Defines Well-Architected Cloud Security Best Practices (eWeek)


Cloud security is top of mind for many in IT today, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) CTO Werner Vogels. During his keynote on Nov. 30 at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Vogels detailed multiple security best practices that help to enable a well-architected cloud architecture.

“Protecting your customer should be your number one priority, without that you don’t have a business,” Vogels said.

Vogels added that in his opinion, security is more important than any feature development. He noted that at AWS, security will always be his group’s number one investment area.There are a number of well-architected security best practices that Vogels sees as being important in the cloud and everywhere else. The first principle is to implement a strong identity foundation that implements a policy of least privilege. With least privilege, users only get the access they need in order to accomplish a specific task. Vogels noted that when developers start to build systems, a common practice is that everyone gets full root privileges, which is a practice that he said needs to be reduced.