Protect Creativity: Piracy is About People’s Livelihoods (NexGuard Blog)


The global digital revolution has unequivocally led to a rise in consumer expectations when it comes to video. They expect access to their favorite movies, TV shows and live streaming channels on any device, at anytime and of the highest quality – and content owners are enthusiastic to feed this demand. Concurrently, the battle against video piracy has intensified into one of the biggest challenges facing creative industries, which is taking place on every continent – both in advanced and developing markets.

Pirates – from smartphone-toting movie theatre attendees to sophisticated organized crime – continually capitalize on this consumer demand by developing sophisticated infringement methods to spread their illicit redistribution footprint. The new Cracking Down on Digital Piracy report indicates that its rampant, devastating nature affects 3 million people working across nearly 250,000 companies in the UK creative industry alone, for example – threatening pertinent areas like jobs, livelihoods and tax revenues.

Prior to this report, when asked to speak at the Content Protection Summit East in New York, I decided to do my presentation on “Protecting creativity in the online era”. Representing NexGuard, a specialist in deterring piracy, I considered that this topic was central: piracy poses a threat to budgets dedicated to the broader media and entertainment industry, and content protection provides the last safeguard for the millions of people making the magic happen behind the scenes.