Amazon Web Services Adds New Services to Bolster Cloud Security (eWeek)


Amazon has announced a series of new security features for its cloud platform, providing users with enhanced capabilities to help protect S3 storage buckets and virtual private cloud (VPC) endpoint connections.

The company is launching the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) security features ahead of its re:invent conference, which runs from Nov. 27 to Dec. 1 in Las Vegas. The security of the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) has been under intense scrutiny over the course of 2017, with multiple groups of security researchers finding unintentionally exposed data due to various misconfiguration issues.

In total, AWS is adding five new encryption and security features to S3 to help protect cloud storage, including default encryption, permission checks, cross-region replication access control list overwrite, cross-region replication with KMS (Key Management Service) and a detailed inventory report.