Smart Lock, iCloud Keychain: Password Managers for the Rest of Us (Naked Security)


Here at Naked Security, we’ve been banging the drum for password managers for a long while now, and there are a number of strong examples out there in the marketplace.

For people who care deeply about privacy and security, deciding which password manager to use means making decisions about password storage, reputation, browser integration, credential sharing options, whether you want cloud-based or local password vaults, and cost.

For many though, it’s still a question of why bother at all?

Convincing people who aren’t as security-focussed as you to use any kind of password manager at all can be difficult because it adds extra complexity to something many already regard as a hassle.

That said, two juggernauts have recently entered the scene, and they will likely help password managers become more mainstream: Apple’s iCloud Keychain and Google’s Smart Lock.