Rogers Sportsnet, Sky Sports to Discuss Content Protection Strategies in Nov. 15 Webinar

It’s among the more pressing questions today for media and entertainment companies today: when looking at content protection technologies and services, should I just build my own, internal security infrastructure, or go with a cloud-based security service provider?

On Nov. 15, digital rights management (DRM) experts from NeuLion, Sky Sports and Rogers Media will be on hand for the webinar “The Content Protection Challenge,” where they’ll tackle the options available to content companies, who face new challenges daily in protecting assets while managing today’s digital distribution pitfalls.

The webinar, produced in cooperation with the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), and moderated by MESA’s executive director Guy Finley, will look at how operators often miscalculate the risks and benefits of seeking in-house DRM solutions (and ultimately abandon in-house investments in favor of outsourced DRM solutions), and at how content distributors can use modern DRM offerings to reduce the complexity of rights management, while still avoiding any end-user glitches that might compromise customer enjoyment of the content.

The webinar will see James Woodward, VP of technology for NeuLion, David Gibbs, digital director for Sky Sports and Sky News, and Dale Fallon, digital sports products director for Rogers Communications, looking at common misconceptions influencing DRM decision-making today, and the best practices content companies can adopt to avoid making similar mistakes.

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