Where Emerging Cybersecurity Technology Fits in Your Business (CSO)


As 2017 enters the final stretch, security professionals still find themselves locked in a furious battle with hackers.

Some 80 percent of the IT and security executives surveyed for the most recent AT&T Cybersecurity Insights report said their organizations came under attack during the previous 12 months. The percentage soars to 96 percent for companies in the technology industry.

All the more reason why enterprise defenders are under acute pressure to create multiple layers of defense, detection and mitigation to withstand future attacks. But what worked in the past is no guarantee it will work in the future. This is a threat landscape that is fluid and changes from one year to the next.

Tool Up for the Long Haul

In the end, a good cyberdefense strategy depends on making hard decisions that correctly match investments against an organization’s risk profile. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution, but the approach should start with the recognition that breaches are inevitable. Then it’s up to management to select countermeasures that will mitigate potential damage, all the while ordering steps to routinely tighten up vulnerabilities in order to reduce the risk of a devastating attack.