SMPTE 2017: Panel Looks at Security of Data in the Industry (TV Technology)


No discussion of the media industry’s move to IT-based workflow is complete without at least touching on that all-important question of security. For all the advantages in terms of creative collaboration, speed to completion, efficiencies for distribution and all the rest of the advantages networks and studios can reap, there are always big concerns about keeping all that valuable data from falling into the wrong hands while ensuring that it can move easily from point to point and get into the right hands. The security track Tuesday at the SMPTE 2017 Technical Conference & Exhibition put some of the top minds in the security arena in front of SMPTE members to talk about this essential piece of the whole IT infrastructure.

The Potential of Blockchain

Session Chair Marc Zorn set the stage for the discussions with a brief introduction about the current state of security among some major players, and then introduced Steve Wong, Cloud Platforms & IT Outsourcing Group, DXC Technologies, to present his paper about the concept of block chain and its potential for maintaining digital assets in the cloud. Blockchain, which is known primarily in terms of its use in the Bitcoin world, is only recently being discussed in the wider sense that Wong was there to talk about. In fact, after asking for a show of hands of audience members who were familiar with the concept and finding the number to be roughly 50 percent, he noted that the same question this time last year indicated fewer than 5 percent were familiar with block chain.