Cybersecurity Experts Must Look at the Whole Picture (ITSP Magazine)


Let’s face it, in the CyberSecurity profession, we like to learn things the hard way. When the term computer security first came about, it was in reaction to events occurring and not necessarily by design. Someone broke into a network/computer system and the boss pointed a finger at the first person outside his/her door and said go fix it, make it stop. With that, the first computer security pro was born; born out of necessity.

There weren’t any checklists or guides back then; it was on the job learning. If you were smart, you’d repeat the good processes again and again. If you were really smart, you’d show others how you did it, and why you did it that way.

That is how I got into the game.

Fortunately for me, I had some of the masters as my teachers and mentors, those who wrote the book, so to speak. The key word here is ‘mentors.’

Fast forward to today.