How Overconfidence Can Lead to Lax Cybersecurity (CSO)


Do you have confidence that your in-house security personnel has the knowledge, experience and technology to defend against cyberattacks? If so, there’s a chance that you may be fooling yourself.

Consider: In a 2016 survey that spanned eight countries, the McAfee unit of Intel Security found that 82 percent of the respondents reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills. Even worse, 71 percent said this skills deficit was causing direct and measurable damage to their organizations.

Then, early this year, the industry organization ISACA found that one in four of the companies it surveyed said it could take six months or longer to fill their high-priority cybersecurity and information security positions. Only 59 percent of the surveyed companies said they received at least five applications for each cybersecurity opening, compared to receiving 60-250 applications for most other corporate jobs.