Hackers Are Using LinkedIn to Tailor Their Phishing Attacks Just for You (Hashed Out)


Hackers have begun using LinkedIn, the popular social network for business professionals, to create better phishing attacks. Already, one breach – at Vevo – has been attributed to the practice.

They’re also posing as exotic looking female photographers and high-level executives that don’t actually have LinkedIn profiles.

It starts with a simple request to connect. LinkedIn is all about connections and networking and given the generally constructive nature of the network—people tend to be a little more trusting.

That’s apparently a mistake.

And that’s honestly the saddest part about this. There is an unfortunate cycle of life on the internet, people forget before Facebook was awash with fake news and catfish accounts that it was a social network for American college students. My high school girlfriend met and picked her roommate for her freshman year at Georgetown on Facebook. Nowadays that could get you killed.