IBM India MD Karan Bajwa: We Want to Establish Leadership in Security, Blockchain


Karan Bajwa took over as IBM India MD in January, after a brief stint on strategy in Asia-Pacific region for IBM. He shares his views on IBM’s journey ahead in India:

On the transformation journey of IBM
Anything we do in this country has to be part of our existing base. Our incumbency, while posing a challenge in how we transform that, is also our core strength. Every company has a legacy. It is the traditional way of serving our clients. And then we have a point of view on the transformed way of serving our clients. This duality is our strength. You help customers in the migration of how they did things and how the new world is going to do it.

On the elements of the new strategy
There are assets of IBM that we have been incubating in small parts which we must now take to scale if we want to be represented as a cloud and cognitive company. Now we have to make them parts of the conversation with our clients to drive changes. We must also engage the ecosystem. We want to establish clear leadership in areas like security and blockchain. Traditionally we serve the large enterprise well, but we want to expand our base to the mid of the pyramid and even to the small and medium businesses using our channels partners.