The Web Security Beast (VDMS)


It was quite a week to start researching the tangled world of cyber security, as news of one of the biggest cyberattacks broke. The Equifax Data Breach is definitely the hottest news buzzing around the water cooler in the past few days, with over 44% of the US population being affected. If you still haven’t found out if you’ve been affected, you can find out how to check out your status here.

We’re used to hearing about cyberattacks or web attacks on large scaled organizations. In fact, the US Air Force estimated that there are more than 1 million cyber attacks on its network per day in 2016. The Russian campaign hit 39 states in the 2016 presidential elections, but there are countless smaller attacks happening every minute of everyday. Our Edgecast CDN knocks down hundreds of DDOS attacks every week alone.

White-hat hackers, the good ones are called hackers too, are trying to beef up security- with coalitions being formed with the intent of creating a hack proof operating system. Even Europe has taken measures to beef up their security, setting up a new agency that will block again the 4,000 ransomware attacks per day that continent experiences. But, Equifax is unique because rarely do we experience attacks at such scale and on a personal level, leaving many wondering, how did this happen? Am I at risk?