Which Approach To Cybersecurity Is Most Effective? (Forbes)


Throughout my twenty-four years as CEO of Check Point, I’ve heard of many different approaches to providing cybersecurity solutions offered to enterprises.

First, there is the approach that encourages you to buy more and more products. For every type of issue you may have, you should buy a new point solution addressing only that particular segment need. Three different firewalls, IPS, sandboxing tools, anti-bot, anti-spam… the list goes on and on. This is not the right approach. There are hardly any companies that can manage all these solutions, not just in terms of their high costs or the overhead required to operate them, and there will be security gaps and security indicators that are not shared between the products.

Second, there is the approach that emphasizes detection – finding many types of malware on your network and then trying to figure out how to act upon it. While in our physical world it might work – we can figure out how to act quickly – in cyberspace it doesn’t. Malware moves at the speed of light and it can take days, weeks and in most cases months (the industry average is several months) to remedy the problem.