The Haves And Have-Nots In Cybersecurity: How Your Company Can Level the Playing Field (Forbes)


We all know about the income-inequality debate in America, and the controversy about too much wealth being held by the “one percent”. But did you know there’s also an inequality issue when it comes to our country’s cybersecurity?

It’s a little-discussed problem outside IT circles, but it’s having outsized ramifications for big and small companies trying to protect their corporate networks, and retain skilled security professionals.

The upshot: despite increasingly damaging and disruptive cyberattacks — and billions of investment dollars flowing into hot startups offering new security technologies — most companies are having a harder time than ever protecting their digital assets.

Why? Simply put, the nation’s most-skilled cybersecurity experts want to work on big, interesting problems. Maintaining the firewall for a regional bank in Cleveland, say, or protecting a mid-size law firm does not qualify as interesting. Interesting is protecting trillions of dollars at Goldman Sachs—or going toe-to-toe with Russian, Chinese or North Korean hackers at the CIA or NSA.