Cybersecurity Breaches Due to Human Error on the Rise (Live Mint)


In late July, an email prankster in the UK ‘convinced’ a White House official into believing that he was Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. As if that was not enough, the official—who was tasked with cybersecurity—agreed to share his personal email identity with the trickster. Closer home, a not-so-tech-savvy employee of the Union Bank of India clicked on an email attachment just a year back, which unleashed a malware on the bank’s computer servers that siphoned off $171 million from the bank. Fortunately, the bank was able to recover the money.

Cybersecurity Ventures, a publisher of data on cybersecurity, estimates that by 2021, cybercrime will cost the world more than $6 trillion annually. Moreover, most of these cybercrimes will continue to be unwittingly aided by humans.

“Of all the vulnerabilities, human error is playing an even larger role in business security breaches today compared to two years ago, especially for companies in maturing economies,” says a 12-country survey conducted in 2016 by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).