Microsoft: Azure Users Hit By 300% Rise in Cyberattacks (CBR)


A 300% rise in cyber-attacks has been seen by Microsoft cloud users over the past year.

That’s according to the 22nd volume of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence report, which found that a large result of the compromises came due to issues with passwords.

The report said: “A large majority of these compromises are the result of weak, guessable passwords and poor password management, followed by targeted phishing attacks and breaches of third-party services.”

Additional findings revealed that there was also a year-over-year increase in attempted account sign-ins from malicious IP address, the figure rose by 44% from Q1 2016 to the same period this year.

The U.S. and China were found to be the main sources of the attacks, with 32.5% and 35.1% respectively, with the report finding that the IP addresses for the majority of attacks on Azure came from these two countries.