Arrest of WannaCry Researcher Sends Chill Through Security Community (The Hill)


The recent arrest of cybersecurity researcher Marcus Hutchins is sending chills through the cyber community.

“It’s unclear if the Department of Justice knows what it just did with its handling of this indictment,” said Tor Ekeland, a lawyer who specializes in computer crimes.

Researchers across the country have expressed fear and confusion after the Nevada arrest of the United Kingdom-based Hutchins. The details of why he was arrested are still murky.

Hutchins rose to international celebrity by discovering a “kill switch” in the WannaCry malware, cutting off the spread of the ransomware attack before it reached its full potential.

Hutchins is now facing charges over allegedly helping write and aide in the distribution of the Kronos banking malware in 2014. Kronos steals login information when infected systems conduct online banking.