Google’s Amazingly Simple Plan to Destroy Piracy Forever (Digital Music News)


Google is the devil.  And so is YouTube.  Because, a bunch of music industry executives told me that.

And hey, they have a point: Google exploits more loopholes than a Bahamian tax shelter while drawing billions in advertising income from free content.  They’ll outsmart you with doublespeak and pay your local Congressman to keep playing music videos at a criminal rate.  All the while dragging industry-paying competitors like Spotify into reckless financial disarray.

It’s the laughably hypocritical ‘don’t be evil’ thing.  And if it’s your music content, it’s not really so laughable.

But while industry execs scream bloody murder at YouTube, there’s a strange silver lining here.  Torrenting is slowly dying.  Sure, more people are on the internet than ever before, and piracy has been buoyed by more people.  But the surge of YouTube has helped to draw more people away from piracy platforms.  In fact, a lot of music executives now regard piracy as a pesky problem, not the bane of their existence.