Five Reasons Why Business and IT Leaders Should be Looking at Dynamic Cybersecurity (HCL Blog)


While cybersecurity has consistently been ranked as a top investment priority for enterprises, one can argue that it has never been more critical for ensuring business success, than it is today. To give you an idea about the escalating scale of these threats, a recent report by HCL’s partner Cisco Systems revealed that in 2016, security incidents increased by 40%, with a 125% increase in the number of cyber-vulnerabilities detected. These numbers are staggering, and the juggernaut of cyber threats does not show any signs of slowing down – as evidenced by the recent Wannacry / Petya attack which almost brought the U.K.’s healthcare system to a halt. While the world collectively responded rather quickly and stopped the spread of the attack, it was not before it caused millions of dollars’ worth of loss to governments and businesses, besides emotional stress for many.

The question then is, what can enterprises (and governments) do to defend these attacks, minimize damage and, in a best-case scenario, proactively build defense mechanism to identify and contain such incidents from ever affecting them?