Cisco on Cybersecurity Threats: We Must ‘Raise Our Warning Flag Even Higher’ (Fierce Telecom)


Cisco’s latest report on the state of cybersecurity opens with a lament that would be astonishing if anyone were paying attention. That is, in fact, the lament: The world doesn’t seem to appreciate how bad the cybersecurity threat is getting.

Cisco begins its 2017 Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report noting that it’s been warning about cyberthreats for nearly nine years, striving “to alert defenders to the increasing sophistication of threats and the techniques that adversaries use to compromise users, steal information, and create disruption.”

That’s immediately followed by an observation worthy of Cassandra: “With this latest report, however, we find we must raise our warning flag even higher.”

The pace of attacks is accelerating. The sophistication of attacks is increasing. It’s getting cheaper and easier to launch attacks.