Why IT, Cybersecurity Shouldn’t Be Grouped Together (CSO)


Cybersecurity is a buzz word nowadays. Most people seem to think of it as an emerging field with all the recent media coverage over ransomware and activist attacks. For many individuals, the past few years were the first time they’ve heard the words cyber and security used together. Unfortunately, it is most often lumped in as another responsibility for IT. This should not and is not the case.

IT and cybersecurity should be thought of as two entirely different fields, much like police officers and firefighters. You wouldn’t expect a police officer to show up at a house fire alone, just like you wouldn’t expect a firefighter to show up at an armed robbery alone. Sure, both professions are there to help you out in a time of need, but their training is specific to their purpose. The same can be said about IT and cybersecurity. There’s a lot of crossover between the two fields, but it’s two different battlefields in the same war.