PwC Exec: Companies Aren’t Aware of Their Vulnerability to Cyber Threats (Satellite Today)


Being hacked and the victim of a cyber attack is now a business’ worst nightmare. But even though everybody is aware of the cyber threat, companies, including those in the aerospace and satellite sector, still need to do more to prepare.

“As more and more of the world around us becomes increasingly hyper-connected, the opportunities for fraud, data compromise and physical disruption of critical safety systems also increases,” said James Hunt, cybersecurity specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). “Many organizations still don’t realize how vulnerable they are, and as a result haven’t got the right crisis planning, readiness and response in place for when the inevitable does happen. Cybersecurity is about changing an organization to be securable, not just implementing the latest technology. This requires engagement from all aspects of a business and embedding consideration of cybersecurity risk in all decision-making processes.”