Hollywood Under Cyberattack: How to Defend Against the Big Hack (Variety)


The Dark Overlord is threatening the content community. Time to unsheathe your lightsabers.

“The Dark Overlord,” of course, is the person or persons who took credit for stealing 10 episodes of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” season five and then released them after the company rebuffed ransom demands — and more recently, leaked unaired episodes of ABC’s “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome,” obtained through the same hack. The cybercriminal has boasted of harvesting even more material from other studios.

Other hackers allegedly targeted Disney’s film unit, claiming to have obtained a major movie and threatening to release it if the studio didn’t make a ransom payment. Disney, working with the FBI, ultimately determined there was no successful hack in that case — though CEO Bob Iger said cybersecurity is a “front-burner” issue for the company.