Five Crucial Ways to Help Keep a System Safe (HelpNetSecurity)


We’re living in an incredible age of technology, invention and innovation. It’s hard to imagine that just a short time ago we couldn’t order groceries for delivery from our phones, or ask into the air any question, to be answered immediately by a robot sitting on a countertop. “Okay, Google — what do I have to do today?”

What once was the technology of our imagination, has materialized right before our eyes, and our fingertips. Processes have become faster and easier, particularly for the payments industry. Omnichannel payments have given customers the gift of choosing how they pay for products and services, whether it be with a good old-fashioned card-present transaction at the counter, through an eCommerce website, via peer-to-peer technology, or with a mobile app. This is certainly an impressive era, but we can’t ignore the need for operating with caution amid an ongoing battle against cyber threats and data breaches.