‘Who’s Going to Protect Us?’ Solving One of Cybersecurity’s Biggest Problems (CBR)


The cyber skills problem is far bigger than is being communicated. With large scale malware and ransomware breakouts rolling out with worrying frequency across the globe – from WannaCry to Petya, it begs the question: who is going to protect us?

As dramatic as that may sound, let’s consider the facts. The government relied on the expertise of an external source to trace the kill switch for the threat that knocked out the UK’s critical NHS services. Instead, it was the discovery of a 22-year-old cybersecurity researcher. Essentially, we are relying on the skills of only a handful of professionals to keep our businesses and critical services working. The WannaCry debacle is testament to this.

The cybersecurity skills shortage is no secret, yet there is a continuous and arguably increasing pressure to fire fight against proliferating cyber-attacks while juggling administration and process.