IBM Security Advisor: Cybersecurity ‘A Constant Game of Cat and Mouse’ (TechRepublic)


In an interview with TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson, IBM’s executive security advisor Etay Maor discussed the rapidly growing cybercrime industry. Maor emphasized how vulnerable businesses are to cybercrime and how new technology puts companies at even greater risk.

Maor explained that cybercrime is it’s own business. Specifically, “a $455 billion-a-year business. It’s huge. And it’s not going anywhere, it’s just growing,” Maor said.

Cybercrime does not discriminate when it comes to big or small businesses, Maor added. When medium or small businesses get hacked, that information can often be used as a proxy for a larger attack on bigger businesses. Maor noted how we always hear of high profile attacks, but the majority of attacks are e-crimes committed by smaller groups.