IBM i2 QRadar Offense Investigator: The New i2 Cyber Threat Hunting App (IBM Security Intelligence)


On June 20, the lives of cyberanalysts and threat hunters who use QRadar and IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook are about to get a whole lot easier. A new app, IBM i2 QRadar Offense Investigator, enables QRadar users to push alerts and incident data directly to IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook (version 9.0.6 or later) for in-depth visual analysis.

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook provides a rich, multidimensional visual analysis environment that empowers users to uncover hidden patterns and connections buried in disparate data sets. It features mathematical modeling that allows users to conduct temporal, histogram, geospatial and social network analysis across structured and unstructured data to uncover insightful trends about threats, threat actors and vulnerabilities.