Simple Ways to Avoid Malware Across Devices (TechRepublic)


If the recent WannaCrypt attack is any indication, the continued wave of malicious software is not about to fade into the distance. And so, everyone with a keyboard and a mouthpiece sets about to diligently inform the public how they can avoid such attacks.

Unfortunately, there is one reality that we cannot escape and that is, so long as your device is connected to a network, your data is vulnerable. The key is using that device in an intelligent manner, so to best avoid the pitfalls that could land your data in an encrypted jail. Therein lies the challenge, one that any IT pro will tell you is nigh impossible to overcome. Consider this, if you will; recently the “Judy” malware struck the Android platform. What is “Judy”, you ask? Over 40 apps (developed by Korean company Kiniwini and installed directly from the Google Play Store), were found to contain auto-clicking adware. These malicious apps purportedly reached an astonishing spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads. Some of these apps had been on Google Play for years, but were only recently updated.