Experts: Equip Employees to Guard Against Malicious Attachments (Computer Weekly)


According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, two thirds of malware was installed via malicious email attachments.

Large organizations know it is inevitable their employees will at some point receive attempts to access their network via malicious emails in their inbox.

As such, most businesses will ensure barriers are put in place to reduce the risk of such attachments being opened. This comes in various forms including email filtering software, antivirus products and newer, more elaborate measures such as web isolation technology. However, although able to block most malicious emails, they are not 100% successful and a number of potentially dangerous email attachments find their way into the inboxes of users.

Opening a malicious email attachment has the potential to prevent access to files and data, install a virus, provide remote access to that computer and the company’s network or install a key logger. These activities could lead to financial losses, stolen data or reputational damage.