Protecting Your Organization from Ransomware (Avanade Insights)


Ransomware has been making big news in the last week.  The cruel reality of the global ransomware attack that crippled computer systems in 150 countries is that the attackers took advantage of under-prepared computer users and their organizations.

Ransomware attacks have been dramatically increasing since 2015, with over 4,000 ransomware attacks daily in 2016.  This correlates to a 300% rise in ransomware incidents.

Ransomware can be particularly impactful to organisations negatively.  Corporate data and information stored on local employees’ PCs, as well as shared file servers, can be used to hold an organisation at ransom and only given back once payment is made

While WanaCrypt0r (WannaCry) has been the most prevalent malware in the media, new attacks like Adylkuzz are underway.  In Adylkuzz’s case, instead of encrypting a victim’s data, the resources of the PC are consumed for mining bitcoin.

Both attacks can infect target hosts by exploiting a vulnerability called ‘EternalBlue’, exposed through the NSA leak earlier this year.  The vulnerability exists on all operating systems from Windows XP through to Windows Server 2012.