To Guard Against Cybercrime, Follow the Money (Harvard Business Review)


Email attacks are cheap, easy, low risk, and high reward. No wonder a “malicious email is the cyber spy’s favored way in.” An email security breach could impact your organization’s revenue and reputation. Protecting yourself from a breach can be daunting, given how many emails pass through your organization each week.

But if you think of cybercriminals as a business, you can keep up with them more effectively. After all, most want to make a profit. They work in a well-oiled, thriving criminal industry. Their operations involve partnerships, specializations, and supply chains. These criminal enterprises often share information with each other when it is mutually beneficial, but at other times compete to attack the most profitable targets. Rather than thinking of a clandestine hacker working out of a basement, you will be better served to picture a sophisticated, professional operation working out of an office tower. To strengthen your digital resilience, adopt a competitor’s mindset.