10 Ways to Protect Your Windows Computers Against Ransomware (TechRepublic)


Malware has been around for decades now. And as our reliance on computing systems has grown, so too has malware proliferation. While antivirus applications were once the key element in preventing infections from occurring (and subsequently spreading), malware has evolved over time in various ways, similar to how our computer usage has changed.

With the changes to malware and its behaviors, the methods of detection and protection have had to be modified to prevent infections from assorted malware types, like spyware, ransomware, and adware — and in the case of zero-days, to mitigate the impact while limiting the exposure as much as possible.

With the recent WannaCry ransomware infection affecting users on an international scale, the stakes are extremely high for those who rely on technology to protect their data at all costs. This is especially true of critical systems, such as those that provide life-saving care in hospitals, infrastructure used to manage utilities, and information systems used in government services.