Five Security Lessons WannaCry Taught Us the Hard Way (Dark Reading)


The scope and severity of the fallout from the WannaCry attacks elicits plenty of “we told you so” head shakes about the dangers of ransomware. With a lightning-fast speed, the blackmail worm spread quickly.

On May 12 it reached 74 countries and more than 45,000 systems. By May 15, those numbers had ballooned to 150 countries and 200,000 systems, according to Europol.And even when security researchers found a kill-switch for the attack that they used to their advantage, it didn’t take long for new variants to start up again with infections occurring at a rate of 3,600 systems per hour.

It’s a nasty bit of business. And while the hue and cry over ransomware shouldn’t be ignored, there are a lot more valuable lessons beyond those that have to do with cyber blackmail. Here are just a few of them.