Cyberattacks Again Roil Hollywood … Can Anything be Done About It? (L.A. Times)


Like most large corporations, major Hollywood studios are fond of outsourcing.

From coming attraction trailers that are designed to draw audiences into cinemas to eye-popping 3D visual effects that burst off the screen, studios routinely farm out large chunks of work to vendors around the globe who compete to provide lowest-cost solutions.

And therein lies a big cybersecurity problem, according to experts. Hackers increasingly are targeting these vendors to pilfer movies and TV series prior to their releases. The cyberthieves are betting — correctly in some cases — that lax network security at these vendors will allow easy access to content that they can hold hostage for a ransom.

That was the case with two recent cyberattacks aimed at Walt Disney Co.and Netflix. The streaming company said that the hack of the TV series “Orange Is the New Black” occurred at a production vendor that works with other TV studios. While details of the Disney attack are murky, Chief Executive Bob Iger told employees last week that hackers claimed to have stolen a movie and are threatening to release it in segments until their demands for ransom were met.