Russian Spies Conspired with Most Wanted Cybercriminal in Yahoo Hack — DOJ (Forbes)


Prosecutors today unsealed an indictment charging four men, including two Russian intelligence officials, with a 2014 hack of Yahoo that affected 500 million accounts. The U.S. claimed the FSB agents – Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin – conspired with an FBI Most Wanted hacker Alexey Belan to carry out the attack. Canadian police arrested a fourth individual, Kazakh national Karim Baratov, for his alleged involvement in the breach.

Yahoo first blamed the 2014 attack on a nation state in December 2016, when it admitted a separate breach hit an astonishing 1 billion customer accounts in 2013. In both attacks, the leaked data included emails, encrypted passwords, addresses and other contact details, but no credit cards, according to Yahoo.