NAB 2017: MarkLogic’s Turner Looks at Data Security; Sohonet Highlights Partnerships

LAS VEGAS — Matt Turner, CTO of media and entertainment for MarkLogic, used his presentation at the Cybersecurity Pavilion at the NAB Show to make a point: cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and too often, companies are so focused on protecting the perimeter, they forget to protect against internal threats.

“Those that have been hacked, and those that don’t know they have been hacked, just points to the growing sophistication of external threats,” he said. “With distributed teams, BYOD [bring your own device] and collaboration and outsourcing, the workplace and the data that drives today’s information worker is spread over an increasingly diverse and wide landscape of technology.”

The traditional approach of “guarding the perimeter” is focused on network security, and then looking outward to monitor and manage access and threats, Turner said. And by doing so, companies create boundaries and barriers between systems, which can create problems in a changing and sophisticated environment.

“Today’s production is a diverse, flexible environment with lots of specialized tools, each performing specific tasks and most of them hosted in the cloud,” he said. “… Tools are hosted by different providers or locally run. They change from each production or even within the production. Putting on the same network or requiring a VPN would never work as not only are the tools diverse, so are the locations of the actual users with some productions spanning worldwide teams using whatever connectivity they can find.”

Today’s entertainment companies use more than one workflow, and there can be hundreds of enterprise systems that manage the data critical to every single one, with thousands of outputs and interfaces where data is shared and used by internal resources, external partners and, now, fans and consumers, Turner said. To protect that data, he suggests “what we need to do is to start looking inside the perimeter” by both looking at logs and access patterns (and then doing analysis and creating reports to understand the state of your security) and by identifying the critical data in systems, and making sure that data itself is protected.

Also at the NAB Show:


Sohonet used NAB 2017 to highlight its latest collaborations, including the integration of its remote collaboration platform, ClearView Flex, into Bluescape’s visual collaboration software, using the line of collaboration touchscreen displays from Optika.

“When we first saw Bluescape running on an Optika display wall, we knew right away that it would be a great fit to work with ClearView Flex,” Sohonet CTO Ben Roeder said in a statement. “Having solved the problem of delivering a private real-time video session to mobile viewers with virtually no lag, our customers were looking for an intuitive and powerful way to annotate and collaborate as the video played. The Bluescape environment does exactly that.”

Chuck Parker, chairman and CEO of Sohonet, added: “The truly global nature of production today means that our customers are always looking for ways to break the laws of time and space. It’s not a question of if a director or producer will be asked to be in more than one place at the same time, it’s a matter of when. Our integration with Bluescape and Optika offers a compromise-free solution to this dilemma.”

Also at NAB, Google showed off how Sohonet FastLane can be used to connect directly to Google Cloud; Sohonet’s latest partnership with cybersecurity firm Cyberinc was highlighted, with the two offering cyber attack protection services for the media and entertainment industry; and Marquis Broadcast shared how an integration between Marquis Project Parking for Avid and Sohonet FileStore helped solve media storage challenges.