SAS Tackles the Cybersecurity Analytics Challenge (eSecurity Planet)


Cybersecurity may never be called a simple discipline that is easy to manage, but when it comes to cybersecurity analytics, the complexity can go off the charts. With that in mind, eSecurity Planet headed to the SAS Global Forum in Orlando earlier this month. What did the market leader in analytics and business intelligence have to say about how to take the pain out of security analytics and its implementation?

First, some data. The company sponsored a survey by the Ponemon Institute, which found that 61% of respondents consider security analytics critical to their organization’s cyber defenses. That’s why 71% expect to expand its use over the next 12 months. That said, the survey unearthed factors that show that security analytics often struggles to live up the hype. Key findings include:

• Deployment is not for the faint of heart. 56% of respondents characterized their initial solution deployments as “difficult” or “very difficult.”