Data Security and the Cloud: Earn Trust by Putting Your Customers in Control (Network World)


Data is one of the most valuable assets a modern business holds. When a company decides to move to the cloud, data security and privacy become a natural and top concern for management.

That concern stems largely from discomfort: Businesses don’t like the idea of losing control of their data by giving it to another company to manage. As CTO of a large SaaS company, one question I hear from new clients time and time again is: Can we limit the access your employees have to our sensitive data? 

It’s a question I’ve done a lot of thinking about—and one that every cloud company needs to address if it wants business leaders to feel more confident about data security and privacy—and therefore, more comfortable overall about embracing the cloud. Ultimately, when it comes to protecting data—from using the latest firewall and encryption technologies to earning leading industry certifications—the goal is to win the customer’s trust.