The Insecurities List: 10 Ways to Improve Cybersecurity (Network World)


A friend asked me to list all of the cybersecurity things that bug me and what he should be diligent about regarding user security. We talked about access control lists, MAC layer spoofing, and a bunch of other topics and why they mattered. You should come up with a list of head-desk things.

After a bit of thought, here’s a list. It’s by NO means comprehensive, and it’s not an organized best practices document. Instead, these are marbles that roll around in my head and bother me a lot.

Ban and Route to Null URL Shorteners

Why? Especially in phishing emails, a user has no idea where the link is going, what’s behind that link, or what kind of benevolent or conversely malicious payload is going to load in the default browser. Sure, your anti-malware or antivirus tool, or even the browser’s own instinct, might prevent a page load that opens a back door into your network. Maybe.