10 Cybersecurity Myths That Must Be Busted (In Homeland Security)


Cybersecurity was huge in 2016. From ransomware to weaponized Internet of Things (IoT) devices to foreign hacking of elections – last year saw it all. But many of these threats aren’t new and will never really go away. Over the last 25 years, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned in attending conferences and talking to cybersecurity experts around the world is that one of the greatest weapons we have to prevent cyber attacks is our own mindset.

This column has previously touched on the importance of online hygiene and why you should think of your online activities like eating. This post will cover some misconceptions about cybersecurity itself. There are many cybersecurity myths, but an accurate understanding of these 10 is critical to your cyber posture as an individual, as a business, or as a government.