If You Don’t Know Much About Cybersecurity, You’re Not Alone (Forbes)


The Pew Research Center conducted a survey to discover what Americans know about personal cybersecurity. The results are troubling. Most people know very little which makes them vulnerable when they go online.

The Pew survey was designed to paint a broad picture of general knowledge about cybersecurity but it is also an excellent tool for discovering possible weak points in your own internet protection. If you take the survey, the questions you don’t answer correctly tell you what you need to learn to increase your online safety.

Pew’s survey was composed of 13 multiple choice questions. The online version only has 10. You can find the three missing questions and a link to the online survey in the Forbes article “Here’s An Easy Way To Find Out How To Increase Your Security Online“. Take the survey, answer the three missing questions, and note the ones you didn’t get right. Armed with this insight, return here and use the information and the links presented below to turn your security weaknesses into strengths.