Balancing Innovation, Security a Constant Fight for Box’s Cyber Head (ZDNet)


The biggest challenge facing Joel de la Garza, chief security officer for file sharing giant Box, is juggling the need to be secure with the need to allow for innovation.

Speaking with ZDNet in Sydney, the California-based CSO explained that as a security professional, it is always hard for him to say anything positive after spending 20 years exposed to the cybersecurity threat landscape. He said he learned pretty quickly that anything positive he might say is often completely turned over the next day.

However, he is sure that things are getting better, arguing that with cloud, a lot of security concerns are taken off the table thanks to standards and regulations raising the bar.

“The biggest challenge that I face on a daily basis has to do with how do you actually meet the requirements of highly regulated industries without completely destroying innovation in your company,” he explained.

“It’s really about finding a way to balance that need for security without completely killing innovation.”