How Can CISOs Strengthen Communications with Cybersecurity Staff? (Tech Target)


There’s a lot of information available about how CISOs should communicate with their peers and superiors, but what about the cybersecurity staff that works under the CISO? How should CISOs work and communicate with their employees?

The CISO is key to the success or failure of the information security program. Depending on how he deploys the program, communicates with executive management, is viewed by business units and handles issues, the CISO can enable a strong program that meets the cybersecurity needs of the enterprise. Supported by an effective cybersecurity staff, there is much that can be achieved.

Cybersecurity staff members are a reflection of the CISO. Whether intended to or not, employees will emulate the CISO’s resolve, focus and commitment to the information security program. His work ethic will also rub off on his staff.