Google Ranks Gmail Malware Targets: Where the M&E Sector Ranks (ZDNet)


Real-estate businesses receive 10 times more spam with malicious links or attachments than organizations in healthcare and sciences, according to Google’s  analysis of spam targeting G Suite users in the first quarter of 2017.

Google doesn’t explain why real-estate businesses are being targeted, but the Boston division of the FBI in December  warned of a dramatic surge in “business email compromise” fraud targeting businesses in the city, singling out real-estate agents as frequent targets.

It counted 370 victims in its division, with losses totaling $33m. Individual losses ranged from $500 to $5.9m.

Attackers also sent 4.3 times more malicious attachments and 6.2 times more phishing emails to corporate Gmail accounts than personal Gmail inboxes,  according to Google. The report profiles targeted attacks against G Suite users across different sectors and countries.