​Village Roadshow Wants to Sue Pirates, Block 40 Piracy Sites (CNET)


Village Roadshow has a big plan to stop piracy this year, and one of its goals could have a massive impact on you.

The Aussie film distributor has announced plans to go after individual pirates this year, saying it will start “suing infringers” as part of an aggressive five-point anti-piracy program.

But the company isn’t just going after internet users. After successfully petitioning to block Australians from accessing The Pirate Bay, the company has also revealed it will try to block a further 40 websites this year, targeting “90 percent of the flow” of copyright-infringing content.

As well as suing internet users and chasing site-blocks, Roadshow’s plan also includes “Google take-downs and site ranking demotions,” a “major PR campaign” and a commitment to “availability of legal product.”