Fortium: Record Year for DVD Award Screeners Using Patronus Content Security


Each year Fortium releases new versions of Patronus anti-rip for the Academy and BAFTA Award’s season. This year saw the highest levels of protection yet as well as the largest quantity of Patronus protected screeners across 70 movie titles for the film studios.

“DVD award screeners still seem to be popular maybe indicating that academy members still like to watch award nominations on disc.” said Mathew Gilliat-Smith, CEO or Fortium. “If the very early leaks can be prevented then that has a big impact on preserving box office revenues”.

Patronus for DVD is available for street discs as well as screeners through Technicolor U.S. and Poland; Deluxe Burbank; and Blu-Lock for BDR is available for MOD.

Fortium touts its Patronus DVD video anti-rip copy protection as helping content owners sell more discs by reliably preventing unauthorized copying from common ripping programs, without affecting playback. Patronus is widely used by the major film studios for Academy and BAFTA award pre-release screeners; MOD in home entertainment; fitness, sports and training companies; memory and funeral homes; videographers and many more.

Patronus, a passive anti-rip solution that encapsulates image files on a DVD disc, causes access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. The original media content is not modified and play-back quality remains unaffected. This is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback. Copy controlled discs are designed to provide effective speed bump protection from unauthorised casual copying. Copy controlled discs have full DVD player playability matching that of unprotected DVDRs. Menus, special features and extras are unaffected and remain as the original.

To learn more about Fortium and Patronus DVD protection, please visit or message [email protected]