An End to Media Piracy: Closer Than You Think (FreeCast)


The TV business is changing before our eyes, and largely to the chagrin of most traditional media executives who are unsure how to approach the new landscape of the industry.

Unfortunately for them, turning back the clock is not an option.
Adapting to the new environment is the only option available. Efforts to preserve the status quo and force consumers back into old technologies like cable TV may in fact produce the opposite of the intended result.

Efforts Backfiring

In their efforts to protect their content from piracy, TV networks and movie studios are often accomplishing the exact opposite of their intended result.

By complicating the legal viewing experience with so many caveats and hoops to jump through, they only make pirated content appeal more.

Consumers simply want content to be convenient and affordable.
They want it to be available on all of their devices .