Drones, IoT Influencing Information Security Regulations (TechTarget)


At the recent ISSA International Conference in Dallas, SearchCompliance editor Ben Cole met with conference speakers to discuss modern data protection threats and how they influence the information security professionals’ role. During the conference, Monique Ferraro, Cyber Counsel for Munich Re’s U.S. P&C Cyber and Privacy Risk Practice, led a discussion about how information security regulations are targeting rapidly advancing, popular consumer technology such as the internet of things and drones. In this Q&A, Ferraro discusses what stipulations could be included in IoT and drone regulations, and why developing these rules could prove difficult for lawmakers. 

How has popular consumer technology like the internet of things and drones changed information security threats?

Monique Ferraro: It’s changed them substantially. IoT and drones have different effects and ramifications on information security. IoT has vastly increased the number of devices that are connected to the internet, and there’s not always been adequate planning that’s gone into the development process as far as security goes.