The Cybercrime Business Model’s Value Chain (We Live Security)


The security landscape has evolved to a point where most IT threats occur with the intention of generating financial gain for their creators and financiers. Based on this premise, various attack or threat types have proliferated and evolved to affect a greater number of users and organizations.

The cybercrime “business model” is based on creating a value chain that offers new methods, for example cybercrime as a service, that is, the practice of facilitating illegal activities via services. In other words, anyone could acquire everything they need to organize frauds or cyberattacks, whatever their skills or technical knowledge.
Cybercrime services for the highest bidder

The services sales model represents the natural evolution of the offer into a market that is responding to a constantly growing demand. This means that IT threat developers, as well as those monetizing stolen data or kidnapping data, have begun to extend their portfolios, activities, and operations into a market that is requesting this type of service, whether it be to affect companies, industries, users, or even governments.